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November 13, 2008



What an amazing journey you are having! Your pics and posts are fabulous! Stay safe and have a great time. How beautiful your creations are coming to life!

Gary Allen

Good to see a smile on your face, and the little girl is cute as a button. Crunch time for sure we will be praying!Love you

Teri Leigh

The little girl is adorable. I would be tempted to bring her home if I was there. So Sweet!


You can do it, Michelle! Everything looks like it's fine, fun and coming along, including that kid... wow, she is already growing from last time, isn't she? Always eat a shrimp for me. Garlic and noodle... yum.
I really love the photo of the paints. Great shot!
Thanks so much for giving us such a great feast for the eyes and heart.


I love your China posts! Always so interesting to see behind the scenes photos of how your product gets to the public. Enjoy yourself and eat only what looks good!


I love your China posts too!!! I think is an amazing experience. The pictures are awesome and definitely the food looks better in this trip :) Good Luck!!!


Good to see you friend! 7 days is pushing it but you love pressure remember? Think of this like a 3 a.m. run in Florence!;)


oh my michelle...
first things look so so beautiful :) in both this and the following post :D
second i admire your food braveness, i bet i'd be acting all chicken around the new dishes xD hihihi xD and third, THIS LITTLE ONE, WHAT A CUTIE!!!! :D
have a great time the rest of the days! and a good trip back home!


That food doesn't look so bad amazingly! Okay except for maybe the eyeball shrimp... but other than that! We miss you and can't wait for you to come home!!
Luv ya,

Patty W

Great photo of you and the little girl!

Love all the paint too!

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