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November 05, 2008


Jean Williams

Michelle I love it!! No advice except I think you should sell it to me. I still have carrot top but I need to add to my retirement account. See you when you get back.


michelle, i love that you shared the step by step by step of this project.

isn't it amazing when you finally know a piece is finished?

i have never been drawn to Asian-inspired art. i think you have such a gentle way of incorporating it in your work. i never would have guessed Asian, but, there it is!

Teri Leigh

Michelle, this is amazing. I love it!

april mccrumb

Gorgeous with a capital G! love how the flowers pop right off that textured canvas (I can see it with your photos) looks wonderful in your home - is that it's permanent place?



of course, I ahve no advice because I am not the least bit artistic, but that picture is gorgeous!


Michelle, just gorgeous!! I love your art!

Patty W

Gorgeous...wish it were sitting on my mantel ! ....uh... not that I have a mantel either ! LOL but I'd love to have that beyond gorgeous piece of your heart and soul art !! wow!

Tif Matthews

This is gorgeous!!




hmmm...let's see? where to begin with all my advice...
oh yeah, i have noooo advice. it is incredible as always and looks perfect on your mantel. good job!!


Michelle, this turned out wonderful!!! I love how you created such depth in this painting!! Love love love it!
LOL on the starving artist comment. Amen sista!
Hope you have a great trip!


bravo..at last...you have finish your amazing painting...love it very much..love the pink flower at the center of the canvas..very unique


Love it! It looks perfect on your mantel!


LOVE IT! You are amazing! So fun and vibrant and so YOU!! LOVE the variety of flowers... so creative and there is good detail in the photos... but can hardly wait to see it up close. You are so inspiring... makes me want to paint! LOVE YOU!


I love seeing how your work progresses! You have such a lovely talent and your work is absolutely delightful!


It´s really beautiful, you are an artist

Raechelle Bellus

Wow! What a stunning piece! I can see the texture and it's amazing! I am new to your blog, but you have a new fan. :)


Absolutely love it! It totally looks like it is in 3-D in that pic! The dimension is awesome and I just love the cheerfulness of it. I love that you posted the progressional pics. It's cool to see the process and get a glimpse of how your mind works!
Have a safe trip tomorrow and I will be looking forward to your blog posts from China! have you gotten a camera yet? (as if I don't already know the answer to that!)


just found your site for the first time.
Your artwork is gorgeous! So colourful and happy!

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