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November 12, 2008



Hey Kiddo... I hope your day went better. Sending you some warm, calm thoughts and prayers. Going to go ride in the garage since it is dark and blustery. miss you!!


I wish my doodles were that pretty ;-)
Mine look like a toddler got a hold of something he shouldn't have and had a hayday with it. You go girl!


Challenges are good, they do stress the system but they help us grow... yeah, right. LOL!

Great colour in these lovely pages, Michelle! How lucky you are to be able to do what you love even when it challenges you with the new *opportunities*!
Hope tomorrow is a great great day.
Get some rest!


LOVE those pages!!

Praying for better rest for you.

Patty W

Yes..be optimistic ! Look at challenges as a new way to "learn" or stretch yourself !

Love the journal..so gorgeous!


Karla Dornacher

Love the journal pages... what creativity... but love you even more... especially love to watch how you rise to meet the challenges in your life and continue to grow in the Lord in and through them. You are an inspiration my dear! Be blessed and be a blessing...


april mccrumb

Love seeing your adventures in China:) One New Year's Eve I was trying to be adventurous and ordered Foie gras (fattened goose liver - a popular and well-known delicacy in French cuisine)

Well, I didn't know what it was when I ordered it but it had a raspberry or cranberry reduction so I thought it couldn't be too horrible... turns out I'm not a huge fan of fatty livers:) ... and that's why Steve & I don't often frequent fancy smancy restaurants:)

you're in my prayers - love april


cute duck =)

Account Deleted

Ann, your journal pages are so beautiful! and I know therapeutic, hope you have a very positive experience today! And thanks for mentioning the white uniball pen!! I buy uniballs by the box,I had no idea there was white! I use white out pens, but maybe no more...


Michelle, I think it's perfect that you do your giveaways when you're in China. I know your friends' comments must bring a little bit of home to you there and make it not so lonely. Thanks for sharing this part of your life!


i love jesse reno too. i love your journal pages!!

meg duerksen

your journal pages are so cool.
i would love to make myself make time to do this....why don't i? crazy.
i love looking at yours though.
hope china is going well....sounds very cool.


Love the page in your journal on Nov 13th, my anniversary. "Most lines going down the wrong way can still lead the right way". Very appropriate on the day I got married 14 years ago. Was that a Michelle original? Glad your home.


I have seen journal pages, and I have seen more journal pages, but never any quite like yours. You are an inspiration to me, and I am going to (right now, in fact) get out my Golden paints which I have been saving for what, I don't know, and use them in the creative way you do your pages. I LOVE them!!! Bonnie in WI


Your artwork is just amazing! I wish I had your talent. Those journal pages are too beautiful. I love birds and yours are terrific!

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