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November 15, 2008


Karla Dornacher

Thank You Lord for watching over Michelle... I can hardly imagine you driving the wrong direction in that kind of traffic!!!! Craziness!! I'm glad you're okay!!

And the flower... if that's what it is... is wonderful Michelle... can hardly wait to see what it is attached to!!

Love you... and miss you much!


WOW! I bet that was a scary ride. Thanks for sharing your trip & photos-it's really cool to "follow" you! Love ya!


Michelle, I understand about competition and spying on others believe me. But I am so enjoying your reports and your photos on the eateries and the city and your own reactions, I do not feel "cheated" about not seeing artwork or designs.

That driver... WOW. Someone was definitely watching out for you. ;)


PS THANK YOU for sharing Natasha's blog with us. Superfabulous!

Teri Leigh

Ewww, I wouldn't have eaten the black slimy ones either. I love the top photo what ever it is. How fun to wait and see what you new line will look like.


So thankful that you are safe and lived to tell about it! Glad you didn't eat those black slimy noodles, good judgment! :)


Scary driving!!

glad you are still safe.

Patty W

Slimy anything, isn't happening for me!

Continued prayers for your safe return!


Praise the Lord for keeping you safe
in the on coming traffic. The guy must
take the word freeway, literally. He
thinks he has free access to either side
of the road and can drive either way on each side. Or maybe he can in that country.

I see that someone stole a book online and all the drawings. It was someone in another country that stole it.

I'd like to figure out how to do the watermark for my blog. Someone one time, that I know of took one of my photographs off my blog.

God Bless You and Yours and Your Creative Life!!!

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