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July 26, 2008



Those are some totally cool displays!
> I've always wanted to be an artist or something, but I think my self-diagnosed ADD has prevented me from focusing on one craft....
So, can I live vicariously through you?!!!


oops...that ">" was supposed to be something like: {{{drools!}}}

Gary Allen

Yeh well I'm not to sure what to think, but I can say that I do miss my honey and I know she needs a new carrot so everyone start praying. Some good stuff in our future? I think so!!!!Smooches


those anthropologie displays w/ the book pages are amazing! (cute clothes, too) we miss you!! hope your travels are worthwhile~ and what carrot, gary?


i loved the SF gift show. hope you're having a great show!


hello to two of my three favorite girls in the whole world... looks like some great inspiration there... take it all in... and have fun together! See ya in a couple of days...

mom & gma


Wow. Busy Busy. Those are some awesome displays. Who knew. Guess I need to get out more. Looks like fun and special times with your daughter.

Jo Dee Foster, The Artist Not the Actress

Hi, Michelle! It was great meeting you in SF! Thank you for visiting my booth. I so love your "hip-mom" warm vibe! Great mtg your cool daughter too! I treasure the magnet cards you gave me the last day of the show! Thank you so! I've been adoring your blog this morning & guess it's about time for me to jump into your blogging world. Gulp! Thanks for inspiring me to reach a little further!!! You're the bomb-diggity-bomb! Your new friend in Texas... Jo Dee Foster (from Cutting-Up)

Jamie R Lentzner

I am so sorry I did not get to come and see ya (second time this year). I am looking at your pictures of SF and feeling all gloomly. My dr. appointment went well (they think for now) - I hope we are set for September.....I promie my ticket is purhcased! Can't wait to hear how the show went - hope you can get some down time now.

Teri Leigh

You have some really amazing photos lately. Looks like you have been having fun on your travels. I would love to get together in Sept. Your mom has my email and phone number so we can arrange a date. Hate to post those things here ya know.

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  • hi and welcome!!! i'm so glad you're here! my name is michelle. i'm blessed to be a wife (to gary) of 18 years and a mom of two girls; alexis(16) & jess(11). i've been a full time artist for 15 years. i made my start at Portland Sat. Mkt. and art fairs around the country, and then headed into wholesale shows when our oldest began school. i love ART-ing, art journaling, running, cycling and downing junk food!
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