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July 15, 2008


Carrie S.

See you later this week in L.A. Hope we can catch dinner one of the nights!

cousin mo

you girls surviving HOTlanta?! I hope you're having a great time...I'm praying for you and the people you meet along the way! love you both!


Oh wow...Greeting cards with magnets of all things 8-). Hope you save me some, I am starting another board so that I can keep them all together. I will have to email you a picture of the one all full and the new one just starting...

Have fun...



Cute display! Looks great!
Luv ya,


Michelle, I cannot believe you are this close to Me! I am 45 minutes away from Atlanta in *Athens*. I worked at those shows some years ago and really it's something, isn't it? Good luck and what wonderful wonderful things you are showing here. You go, girl!

Get more of what you love.



Hey michelle! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love your art and am interested in doing some portraits of you with some of your work implemented in the shoot. What do you think?

Lavenda Memory

niccole W.

Hey girl,
Are you ever home??!! If you ever need a travel partner let me know. If I had another life to live I'd be a vagabond girl.


Great display of your cards... and I love your new Christmas pieces. Hope you had a great day by the pool... and say HI to Katie! Hugs... mom


The display looks great! Good Luck selling!


Hey Michelle,

The owners of Azu in Bend told me to tell you that they love you!! I didn't take any pictures this time. Ha Ha!!

Hope the shows are going well.


Jamie Lentzner

Hi Michelle,

How did the show go? I know you are off to SF now and I am hoping it was busy. I am still hoping to walk the show in SF and would love to meet for dinner, or just a quick hello. Your new magnets look too cute - I love all the bright colors! I love the end of your post too - someone once stopped me on the street and said, "have a blessed day." - I smiled for hours.

Teri Leigh

I was given the Arte y Pico award by a fellow blogger. I chose you to be one of my five artists that inspire me the most. Check out my blog for the specifics. I just love your art!

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  • hi and welcome!!! i'm so glad you're here! my name is michelle. i'm blessed to be a wife (to gary) of 18 years and a mom of two girls; alexis(16) & jess(11). i've been a full time artist for 15 years. i made my start at Portland Sat. Mkt. and art fairs around the country, and then headed into wholesale shows when our oldest began school. i love ART-ing, art journaling, running, cycling and downing junk food!
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