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June 13, 2008



That's the cutest pic of your daughter in her owl shirt, striped leggings, and knitted cap! What a smiling cutie! :)


Girlfriend, oh my goodness what a busy day!!! You deserve a spa day!


What a day!!!
Me I gave 5 hours of class and was enough to drain out all my energy!!! I get so exhausted!


I work better under pressure too but . . . seriously. . . crazy. We had fun with Jess the other day. Glad she liked it. What is it about Lunchables that has such appeal? I try to avoid that aisle in the grocery store but sometimes I give in and get them a treat. Funny about Jess -- I asked her if she like reading and she told me she couldn't read and didn't like it. She's pretty cute and has a mind of her own. Enjoy the sun


busy day. can i link you on my blogroll? I posted a contest (your giveaways always get me wishing I had something to giveaway, now, I do!) I got my etsy shop up and running!


seriously cute picture of Jess!

Did you remember to breath that day?

Good job on teh running! i am still running. I'm trying to bring it up to the next level I've been doing 3 miles 3-4 times a week in about 36 minutes, I can't decide if I should go for farther or faster?

Sorry, but I can't share my running blog with anyone. It is just an accountability blog between my sister and I.

Teri Leigh

WOW, I'm tired just reading your post. I hope you don't have to do that everyday. Oh and your daughter is so adorable. I love the outfit.

Julie Delamarter

wow, michelle. maybe if i run a marathon, I'll have energy like you! ;)


i feel the need to take a nap after just *reading* this post!!

i'm totally on the same page about lunchables. AND about doing small things that don't come naturally to me.

5 miles after all of that...and then golf?!? woah - i'm assuming you're golfing at like 8 at night, which is funny to see...


Tammy must be a good friend if you're soaking beans for her! I'm 40 and have never even made home made soup, let alone one that involves soaking anything.

Congrats to your cutie pie on her reading award. She's absolutely adorable!

And thanks for sharing the chaos of your day...I don't feel so alone anymore! ;-)


oh my goodness...busy girl! I'll be praying for Tammy!


Wow, you have been so incredibly busy and balancing all kinds of acts, nevertheless. Thanks for sharing all this amazing activity... ! It's so totally fun to read about!

Big Hug,

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