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June 02, 2008



You did it!!! Congratulations, Michelle! Loved seeing the pictures...I think I would have been more apt to stay in that beautiful room all curled up in bed instead of running 26 miles!! LOL!


Dude! You rocked this!

I am SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! (but I totally knew you could do it!)


xoxo Tam


Amazing..Great Job. That must have been such a good feeling.


Great Job!!

You are amazing. I admire your dedication to reaching your goal.

You are an inspiration


Michelle!! I'm all teary eyed reading your post and seeing your pictures. AMAZING!! You are awesome and now you are my inspiration to run the marathon...as soon as I can stop being pregnant! ;) That pool is incredible, by the way. Oh how I miss CA. WAY TO GO! you did it!!

Patty W

Congratulations Michelle! How fantastic is it that you ran that FAR ! Oh my! You are an amazing woman! Loved all the pics, thanks for sharing those!


aunt cindy

Good job, girl stud! You never mentioned your hip-must be better! Praise God! I'm so very proud of you! Love ya!


congratulations michelle! you rock and run (not roll!) : )

Anne Leuck Feldhaus

Amazing!! Congratulations, I didnt realize it was this soon...I got tears reading your post, I can't imagine ever doing it...I'll just watch and cheer from the blog side-lines! You rock!


congrats on a huge accomplishment! you look awesome & i love the photos. the place you stayed is amazing!!

april mccrumb

Whooo hooo! Can I start calling you road runner now? I knew you could do it:) Now instead of taking the Marta to the gift mart, you can just run:) see you soon miss speedy!


Yeah Michelle! I have been waiting to see how it went. Way to go. I admire your persistence. Looks like you had a great place to hang out after too.

Lee Ann

Woo Hooo!!!! Amazing! I knew you could do it, and what an inspiration to me. When you said "16 weeks ago I could barely do 4 miles" Wow! That's incredible. you go girl!


As a daughter... you rock sweetie! As a mom... I couldn't be prouder! You truly are an inspiration and the best cheerleader for the rest of us... yippee... yahoo... and praising God with you... especially for watching over His silly little children who wear brand new shoes to run 26.2 miles!!


Oh my! I am so proud of you! 26.2 miles of running is so unfathomable to me. You o girl! You continue to amaze me.

Eryn Kesler

Holy smokes! That is so awesome! Great job.


You are an AMAZING woman! You totally Rock girlfriend! I will come and cheer you on at the finish line in october!! =)

meg duerksen

WOW! that is so awesome!
great job!
we saw a bit of the chicago marathon in October. it was very inspiring...as i sat in the restaurant eating my omelette.
i thought "i wish i would want to do that."
and YOU did it.
way to go.

your art journal is beautiful.
have a wonderful day today!

niccole wollam

Yahoo!!! We missed you at the auction - and yes, I did get a spot in your workshop - but so admire your hard work. I can't believe you only trained for 16 weeks!! You are a studdette!!


AMazing!! So proud of you! Rock it out girl, you are an inspiration to me i just had to say.

Lisa Storaci

Hey Michelle--I was thinking of you on Marathon Day. My business partners husband ran it too--first time as well. Your story is amazing--16 wks---I was stressing over the half I did in May--but I am convinced it is not only the training but the mental part is huge! Congrats! You're an inspiration!! Lisa

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