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May 04, 2008


Gary Allen

I love the pic of the shoes. Great Job honey. We are very proud of you for sticking to it through tough conditions. We miss you. and Love you!

Julie Delamarter

GOOOO, Michelle!! that is so awesome! you are almost there. The worst is definitely behind you!! You won't be running 15 miles in the heat and humidity at home!! So impressed. I'm inspired. Post-baby...marathon here i come!!

Julie Delamarter

I would also have a really hard time running with the 'fuel' that you have. The pictures of your last fish meal had me a little queasy. Hope you have a lot of power bars!

cuzzin Mo

Wow good job! I wish I had your determination and motivation..must not run in the family!haha! When you come back and run it'll probably be way easier..like resistance training! booya! keep up the good work! love ya!

april mccrumb

you go girl... working out physically AND spritually -- so inspiring:) love ya! april

holly cazabon

Keep up the good work! Way to go! I am hoping to start running again soon, my body misses it so much!!! Those are tough conditions too, awesome job!


great job on the run! You are very inspiring! I want to be like you when I grow up!


What can I say... you make me smile! I'm so proud of you... you truly are an inspiration in so many ways! And I'm so ready to have you home... missing you bunches!


Good for you, Michelle. As the air there is totally pollution-laden, is it difficult respiratorywise? (And is that a word???)

Hang tough.


Don't you just love Andy Stanley. We listened to one yesterday on the way to Seattle -- deep and very convicting. Good job on the running! Now if only I could get a mile out of bed. Smiles.

Natasha Wescoat

omg that is amazing! Congrats! It's a neat idea to put up something like that because you can't take it back after you've blogged it, that or it's really silly looking.

I've clearly done the "take back what I said" thing and that's not so smart. haha!

I've been amping up my running too but am not sure if I want to go above a 2k yet. You're gonna do it!! :)


Congrats on being so diligent! I used to be a walker but never a runner.

Patty W

Wow...15 miles! You go girl! You Rock!


YAY!! I was prayin' for you all day today, not sure when your long run was but you are definitely in our thoughts and can't wait for you to come home! Great job in stickin' to it.


Tim just ran a mini-marathon last Saturday. He hass no desire to do the full monty though. I really admire how hard you work when you put your mind to something...speaking Andy Stanley...Tim is at the Drive conference right now at his church.


Yeah Michelle!! Great job on your running, You look amazing. We'll run together someday...it'll take me a while to get up to your caliber, but you motivate me!

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