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May 13, 2008




Patty W

Congratulations Brenis !


Congrats Brenis! You lucky lucky girl!


Oh my gosh!!!! Get outta town!! I won?!?!? :>o
WOW WOW WOW WOW!! What a shock to open your blog this morning and see that announcement! Yaaayyy! I am sooo excited!!
:D Oh my gosh!
Thank you soo much Michelle!!!!
Let me know what i need to do! And just a heads up, my email service has been really wonky and unrelialbe lately! I will check back here if I don't hear from you via email.
I have sooo enjoyed your posts from China. And I thought of you immediately when that huge quake hit, and ran and checked your blog.You had just gotten home! I hope no one you know was hurt! :( That is one of the scariest earthquakes we have seen yet, and so many people :( Glad you are safe, and wish the others were too! Oops, didn't mean to go off on such a sad subject.
Thank you Michelle! I am SO excited to have won your give away!!!


I LUV how you took Jessica's picture and added the words and the cool design!!! it looks awesome!!!


Hi, how are you? I just came across your blog on delightful blogs {and it is delightful!} and thought I'd share mine with you: Petit Elefant. I'd love to have you stop by and say hello.


I ran a 3k today with no shin pain or asthma attack and no walking. Yeah. Running the stairs must be helping. Yeah.


Congrats to Brenis! (altho I do understand that *crying* bit up there, lol!)

The Winner Is photo is hilarious and so sweet at the same time. Aren't kids grand?

Are you home??!! or have I missed something?
Best as always,


What great prizes!

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