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May 05, 2008



Very creative, as usual!

Patty W

I bet you do miss home! I know I would!

Safe travels back home!


love the journal - i wish i drank coffee so my hubby could make it for me every morning. cute cup!!

Patty W

Have also been meaning to say...LOVE the new header !

Gary Allen

I can't wait to make that cup of coffee for my honey. It's fun for us to visit China through you so we don't have to go! Love you Gary

Jamie R Lentzner

Okay I can totally relate (having done a 7 day trade show) so I know how much I miss my family. However - it sounds so much more glamorous and you sound very successful. Here is to wishing you a safe trip home!

Jamie R Lentzner

Cuzzin Mo

I love when you post pics of your journal pages! What kind of paints do you use?? I tried watercolor pencils in my journal but it didnt work out so well!!


those journal pages are soooo coool!! Seriously, I wanna be you when I grow up. I took a step towards being more like you today....no I didn't go running....I opened an etsy store and I already made a sale! I'm selling etsy banners. Eight bucks! pre-designed. Totally cheap, but it was the going rate.
Hang in there...trips almost over! By the way, did you get a vid cam for your computer before you left?


by the way, my etsy shop is

Marr Williams

You could sell that journal as a work of art in itself! You're amazing. :)


love your journal pages! yeah, what cuzzin mo asked, what kind of paints do you use? do you work in your artists journal on your 2 hour ride back from the factory yesterday? do you have to-go paints? ok... the page opposite of alexis' 13th bday photo... what do the words say on that page, please? : )


Oh those journal pages are so cool! I have just started this and am struggling with perfection on each page! So silly! I am getting looser every time I do it. After all it is only for my eyes, and my Saviors too.
Stay well and don't woorry the coffee will be there when you return...


Those journal pages are amazing!
What a great keepsake!
What a wonderful way to log your inspirations and artistic ideas.
It's sort of like quilting for the 21st century.
Can't wait to see the new stuff.
Have a safe and uneventful journey home.


Michelle, how wonderful you have been able to have this experience and how generous of you to share it. More info on what you use if you can, sometime! haha... I started out really primitive. Ballpoint pens and crayons, highlighters. Of course, I was in middle school but it still serves well. I just want the other stuff too!

Xie Xie,

noodle and lou studio

awwww...my hubby makes me coffee every morning too:) Love your owl mug!! xo...jenn


Yes Tim ran a half-marathon. Our church is definitely patterned after Andy Stanley's church. Do you go there when you are in Atlanta? Tim and I always do...we will be there in a couple of weeks actually. I got my clocks. THANKS! What a pleasant arrival when I got home from a trip to Ohio.


What pretty journal pages! I just learned about creative journaling and I'm thinking I should try it too.

When I was in Korea, the drivers were crazy...I was on a city bus in Seoul and the driver literally speeded to a stop. Very scary! All traffic laws went out the window & this applied to all drivers.

Continue to have a fantastic trip.



LOVE those journal pages! Can't wait for the class :-) Actually, i think that those would be a great thing to teach to at risk youth........what an amazing way to express themselves.

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