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May 02, 2008



The boss' daughter is sooooooo cute!!!!! Sorry that you have to eat all that gross looking food..... (i am glad that i didn't go to China with you) : ]

i LuV u!!!!!


there is NO way i would have eaten one of those shrimp - you are braver than I am! What is the story with the dog? What a cute little girl!


ok,.....please forgive me! I've been a busy girls and forgot to check your blog and leave you comments! I know how much you love them when you are gone! I'll be a better friend from now on!

mosquitos.....yuck! sticky....gross
The olympics....how cool!
love the new boxes with the new logos! way cute!
keeping up with your running....good job!
later girlfriend

aunt cindy

You are such an inspiration to keep up your running! You should have no problem reaching your goal considering the options of food over there. Keep it up, skinny! Love ya!


These photographs are simply breathtaking and fill me with joy and curiosity. Thank you so much for sharing these and this amazing journey.



These photographs are simply breathtaking and fill me with joy and curiosity. Thank you so much for sharing these and this amazing journey.



I know you have been there many times but you are so good to keep running in a foreign country. Good work. The sculpting looks like an interesting process. And the little China doll -- such cute children.


That cow is going to be so cool!!!!! (At least I hope it's a cow!)


It sounds like you lead an interesting life!
My husband has traveled to Japan. The young girl is too cute! I have trouble with food because I am a vegetarian! Cindi


good job, runner girl! I am SO amazed by those artists there... they represent your stuff SO well (of course, this is coming from a total "lay-man" in the art world!)... and yeah, what's the story w/ the dog??? (did you feed him the rest of the ginormous shrimp thing that was yucky?)


Sounds like you're having a fantastic trip. I lived in Korea for a year and I loved traveling around the country & every city that I visited. I also loved trying all the food and wouldn't hesitate a bit to try the food you're eating in China.

I just found your blog today & I've been pouring over your entries. You do amazing work! I love your style.

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy those runs.



Loving your China adventures and seeing the work in progress.


I'd think the mosquitoes would be my only downfall on your trip so far. Oh, and maybe not having email! I hope you are able to get yours.

Patty W

Love that sculpting going on!

Natasha Wescoat

ohhh how awesome! That is so great you have outsourcing/manufacturing. I wish I could get into that, but with reading about it and whatnot it seems too overwhelming. I love the cow clock shown. So beautiful!

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