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April 13, 2008



This looks like a lot of fun. I have been wanting to take the kids to a workshop at SCRAP in portland and this looks similar in the eclectic art kind of way. . . and lots and lots of fun. Love bowling pin head guy. . . Glad you are feeling better. . . stay out of the sun. Smiles, Val

Diane Silveria

I love your artfest pics & especially the piece you made in Michael deMeng's class. My sister took that class & loved it. The man is a genius! Very nice blog!


I like your "Morpheus Box" the best out of all of them! (especially the bowling pin head!!)


Love the Morpheus Box guy too... mostly love that you and April had such a great time together and were so inspired and creative! We'll look forward to seeing how all this inspiration plays out in your future designs!!


Howdy. I was in the Waxy Layers class with you...in fact you have a pic of me in your last post. I'm the one in the purple t-shirt. Loved your painting in Judy's class and LOVE your box from Michael's class, it's amazing.


What fun pieces of art!

I missed you on Saturday . . . I have your notebook for you.


Love all the AF pics!!! I was ready to go home after 4 days, but now I am ready to go back. Your morpheus box doll is awesome. I really like that the piece has elements of what he was building, but you totally made it your own instead of a M.D. look alike. That is creativity! I'll be back soon to ck. in.
Be well-


oooh i want more pics! i love the loot and the morpheus boxes and the waxy paintings and... : )


Oh My Goodness. The Morpheus box, the Morpheus box!!! You all look so sweet and your work sings the body electric as Walt Whitman would say. Just wonderful and thank you so much for sharing with us, Michelle.


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