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January 13, 2008



Hi Michelle! I love Spondivits!!! Did you know that I used to live there? Well, actually in Marietta. It has been 12 years since I've been there, and back then there was no way two females would be safe riding Marta, but I have heard that it is now safe and very convenient.
Okay, so I wanted to share this funny with you before I forgot:
This morning after church Ben was chasing Jess (they were both on their Heely's) and in a classic, dorky, seven year-old way, one of his wheels got caught in a crack and he bit it hard, spread eagle, face first into the ground. I guess it's only funny because he wasn't hurt.
Gary said "it's not the last time he's gonna fall on his face chasing a girl"
I'm not sure if Jessica noticed or not, if she did, she was very gracious and said nothing, but that was the end of the chase. His little ego was bruised.
Have more fun, be safe and take a trip down a Peachtree Lane for me.


Michelle ~ sounds like you are having more and more fun! I love the top picture that shows the variety of letters and can't wait to see whatever project you have in mind for your letters.

Patty W

Well, poo on the "no pics" ! So glad you are having fun while being super busy too! And happy that you are getting new orders and repeat orders really mean something!

Enjoy..can't wait to see all the things you have planned.

Karla Dornacher

Oh my dear... I can see the wheels turning in your mind... "now I say my ABC's"!! It will be fun to see how your imaginings turn into realities.

And for Spondivits... my mouth is watering... and I'm battling a slight case of jealousy as I watch Katy eating what was mine just six months ago!! Maybe I'll join you girls in July!

Bless you... and big hugs...


Hey, are those crab legs Katy is eating? Yum! Why didn't we go there when I was with you a few years back? So glad you are having a great show-all that hard work paying off! Good for you! Tell Katy hi! Love ya!

London E

Glad you got out and has some fun. I am always too tired after shows to enjoy, or maybe it's just that I've been to Atlanta one too many times.

Love the new booth layout! looks fabulous. Sorry I didn't make it down, everyone bailed on me and my little guys weren't too excited about me leaving again after a week away. I hope I get a chance to hook up with you in July! Glad it went well.


Bummer on the no pics...that's where a lot of creativity comes in! (at least for me)
I love those book displays!--I think I'd have an issue with cutting up books, though.

Have you ever thought about getting some of your designs on fabric? There are a lot of us quilters that would LOVE it...! ("us" being used very loosely since I'm way new at it)


Mmmmm! Spondivits! I haven't been there since my brother, and sister and I took a trip to Atlanta in '03 JUST to watch the Braves play over the Memorial Day Weekend. They always say on the Food Network to ask the locals for the best place to eat, and someone told us about Spondivits. It was YUMMY!

Patty W

I just here to say... I Miss You !

Gosh..can't wait to hear what you've been up to !


I hope you're having a great time!

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