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January 10, 2008


Karla Dornacher

I love your new look... it's great Michelle!! I love the fabrics you chose and the colors. I hope you're loving it. And I'm so glad you have Katy... what a blessing... tell her hello! Miss you already... but thanks for taking the time to post. Hugs...


Patty W

Good Morning Buttercup!

At least you have that Gorgeous smile on your face!

Nice looking layout in your booth ! I see lots and lots of Prettys ! Love that reddish can with the greens sticking out!

Have fun!


I think it looks great. it will prob. look even better when the lights are on and the two hotties in the picture are dressed up and selling. Love G


I love the softer look of the display, very appealing to the eye! You should sell tons! And with the help of your new assistant, the lovely Miss Katy and your perky personality, I'm sure you will have a great turn out! Good job! Love ya,Cindy

Jamie Risdon Lentzner

Ah it looks fabulous - I am so sad not to be going (I hope you got my email)! I can't wait to hear how the show goes. Have a good time with London for me!

Cuzzin Mo

You and katy chatting?? Missing your train stop?? SHOCKING! haha! You two are like peas in a pod! Be nice to my kates! I miss you both mucho mucho!


Booth looks fabtabulous!!! Hope is goes great!!!

I'm jealous of the warm weather. Did you get a camera yet for your computer so you can skype with your girls?


Fun times...one of these days I am going to make it to one of your shows. Maybe the next Hotlanta one. I hope you sell out!


If you're going to have any around home, I'd love to go...I still wish that we could have made it to your December one.

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