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November 25, 2007



The pictures of the table and counter look beautiful--complete with mini-"Vanna" showing off the turkeys! How appropriate! :)

I will have to experiment with the spicy sweet potato recipe--we love cumin and foods that are a little nippy.

Looks like a wonderful family time at your house. Thanks for sharing!

Marci K

Wow, that was some delicious looking meal you had laid out there. Love seeing the pics of your family. Everyone looks really happy.


You're right, that is a terrible pic of me! But I love Alexis' face, what a goof! I really had a great time with the family, you guys are the best! Everything was loverly!


great pic of your table!! And I love how you can even see the steam coming off of the mashed potatoes.

Lisa M.

I just have to say that your table setting is beautiful!!
Thanks for sharing.

Cuzzin mo

where's the pictures of the blue eye shadow?! Making empty threats huh?! while i do enjoy these pictures I would like to see some of the ones of you and I!! Or at least email them to me! Thanks for all the delightful grub and good times! i love you guys tons!

London E

What a gorgeous setting, your pictures are awesome. We have a huge family of over 40 and we never get to do the whole formal thing with pretty place settings. It's fun to see what I'm missing. I'm thankful to be able to spend it with all of them, but miss the decor for sure! 5 turkeys takes up all the counter space. LOL!


Oh boy! My family plays Bingo every year (complete with prizes from the Dollar Store). It's a blast!

P.S.- what type of lens are you using?


What great photos those are! Happy to hear you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Your dinner sounds yummy ! Girls playing football.... awesome!

Thanks for letting us take a peek into your festivities!

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