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November 28, 2007


meg duerksen

you are creative!
i love the stamp. it is adorable and i can tell it was fun to make.
i found you through the "recently updated" part on typepad as i was checking in this morning.
what a fun home and studio you have.
have a great day today!

Jamie Lentzner

Oh my thanks so much for the plug - this year has been so great for so many "blogging artist buddies" I have met! And, I am so impressed with the stamp - i have not used one of those since high school and I used to LOVE to use those, such a great look. Good luck with the sale - I think you have inspired me to do something similar - but I have to do it after the holidays - too hectic right now! Good luck this weekend - will be thinking of you.

London E

Awww, thanks Michelle for the shout out!! I love the crazy desk thing going on, makes me feel soooo normal. Hehe. What i wouldn't give for just one day to play. Doesn't it seem that all the creative ideas happen when you don't have time to make them. My best designs come when I'm absolutely swamped. I hope the sale goes well. Wish I could drop by :)


Had fun hanging and working with ya this morning. Hope you are able to get it all done in time! Good luck with the sale!

oh, and how did the ornament party go?


How did your sale go? I am so bummed I can't come anymore. I hope you broke the bank. Ok so when are you going to get it over and say I won your goody giveaway ;-)


I love the stamp! My sister-in-law makes a lot of hand-carved stamps; I've never tried it, but it looks like fun.


How was your sale? Did the snow throw it off a little?

I love the stamp! I remember doing that in art class...probably in junior high. I'll have to check out some of the sites you mention. I have tons and tons of stamping/scrapping stuff, but do I use it? ha ha ha ha ha!

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