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November 14, 2007



LOVE IT! I've watched a couple of those youtube vids you were talking about. They are really cool.


btw---love the new header. I like how you are keeping it fresh!


ummmm...holy cow?! That is freaking awesome! I wish I had one tiny piece of your talent, lady.


xo Tam


Your journal is like a piece of art in its self! Do you know when you are doing your annual sale yet?? Gotta make sure I can COME!


Oh, this is very nice!


wow. I might journal more if it looked like that! I've been trying to journal more for my boys...I love the creativity you're adding to it. Do you use colored pencils or what to color it?

ps, enter me in that drawing! That party bird is so cute!

Gina Smith

I love!! these colors- it really speaks to me!

Kim Anthony

Hey, I am Shannon's sister, Kim. I find all of your talents so amazing. I can't even draw a stick person! ha- I would love to win, so please enter me in your drawing.


Wowsa...fabulous journal entry!!! I keep thinking I'll sit down with my journal and colorize it, but for now I'm doing as good as I can with a plain old pencil. At least the thoughts are there! Lovin' those youtube artsy videos as well...so much talent and inspiration there!


So funny...in my last blog, I mentioned how much I am NOT a diary kind of gal and how I always seem to abandon it on my night stand, empty. Well yours rocks! I never thought of adding color to it or doodles, that might make it a little more fun. Now I'll have to check out those Utubes. Thanks for sharing.

Jamie Lentzner

Okay so you inspired me to create art just to create art. I started a sketch book and started just cutting out pictures (remember in school we had to do this?) and creating just to create. No deadline, no request, no special order - not "important client needs this yesterday". It is really re-freshing, exhilerating and sort of tough! Thanks for the inspiration!


I love the colors in that! It just jumps right out and speaks to you. How wonderfully creative you are! What a blessing.


This is amazing! TFS!


Hi Michelle.. Wow I luv your art Journal..
and I also watched video..so motivating..okay I'm off to spice up my journal pages ...... Hugz Joyful


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