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November 15, 2007



You are so cute. I'll promote you ANYWAY. Your work is incredible and that little clock in my kitchen ALWAYS MAKES ME SMILE.

xo T


I was just over at your mom's checking out her webstore where she was promoting your wonderful clocks. I commented that I was waiting for the angel clock to be released! :)

I LOVE the party bird. I'll do a post by tomorrow promoting your giveaway. Thanks, Michelle!

Jamie Lentzner

LOVE the new blog design! How adorable your snowman are! And new photo to boot!! Okay, now I need to read the posts, I just had to comment I love the new design.


Ok... i realized it has been way too long since i last read your blog! why are you off sugar (made me totally loopy when i did it!)? i Love the snowmen!!! I think i would like a Michelle Allen snowman flag or door mat... or lifesize sculpture in my yard for Christmas! and one last thing, where is that bird taking the snowman? : )


Oh Goody! Another Giveaway! I'm all over this one. I'm gonna win it. I feel it! Ok, probably not....but positive thinking is a good thing, right?

I love the goodies by the way. So cute. Check my blog. I'm going to promo yours!


Shannon led me to your wonderful blog...you are very talented! Since I love crows, I would be happy to be included in your draw...fingers crossed!!



Pick me, pick me!! I love giveaways and double bonus because it is your amazing work being given away, so I am entering all three ways. I never knew I could get e-mail newletters from you, or I would ahve been signed up for that a long time ago!!
You Rocketh!


ahhh I am loving the bird!!! So cute!!! I must come see all your new stuff!!


Love love love the bird! I posted your give away on my blog and added you to my side bar.
Thanks for commenting on my studio. I also LOVE seeing how everyone else creates. I have been in business for several years creating custom clothing, but Sweet Funky Vintage has just launched. The collection on our blog is the first one. Progress!


Oh Michelle.. it's adorable!! So generous of you. You KNOW I'd love to receive any goodies from you. Of course I'm already on your mailing list so I'll post the adorable pix this weekend and send people your way. :)

Julie Delamarter

yeah for giveaways! Looking forward to Louette's fundraiser on Saturday. I'm planning on picking up a couple of your things then!! Thanks, Michelle!


hell, i'm going to try to win that anyway i can - it is SO cute! you are so creative! :)


This is Trish's little sister. I have seen so much of your cuteness at Trish's house. I even tagged along with her to your massive garage studio- pre Cattle Mound days. We have been the happy recipent of a very loved and faded Allen Design T-shirt, size 2T. Any way, I would love to be a winner. I have snagged your picture to post on my blog for my friends to see!


I love the bird too. I could be wrong but I think you sat behind me in Shari Haab's class at Art and Soul in Portland.
I just saw your give away on Idea girl's blog. How funny is that.


OH wow TOO CUte. I would love to win this!! Ill blog ya later today on my contest blog :)


LOVE the logo on the new header!!! Why don't I know about Louette's fund raiser? When is the studio sale?


Beautiful work- Congratulations!


so cute. would love to win =)


Hey! Who are all these people thinking they are gonna get my prize? =)

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings

Fun giveaway!

signed up and blogged ya: http://laurawilliamsmusings.blogspot.com/2007/11/friday-edition-of-contests-galore_16.html


This is way cute! I wasn't sure what a party bird was before seeing it but it is really cute. I will post tomorrow promoting this :) Thanks for the chance at an awesome giveaway!


Very cute! Count me in.


Oh, this is very cute! And actually as a first time visitor, I like what I see. I'm off to look at more stuff.

Count me in on the giveaway, it's fantastic!


I love your work! What a delightful stop this has been for me and yes, I surely did bookmark you and sign up for your newsletter. I can't wait to read the first one.

Julie Robinson

When I heard about what you were giving away, it sounds somewhat odd, but I love it - very fun and funky! Thanks for the giveaway!

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