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October 25, 2007



I remember the toilet in the ground thing from Japan. Seriously, what is up with that. I mean there are times when it takes more than a few seconds. Can you imagine the leg muscles that would require. You'd have to take some ibuprofen the next day just for the sore let muscles!

And those baskets of food....not so tasty looking! YUCK!


ok... if i travel to china, i think i'm going to be vegetarian! (and i like my meat!)


Oh, please, deliver me from ever having to eat what I see in those pictures!! LOL!

I'm not sure I've ever been someplace to experience a "hole" like you described, but my son went to India a few years ago to help a missionary doctor and described a bathroom similar to that. We really have so much that we all take for granted, don't we? I don't think I should ever complain about cleaning our nice bathroom again!


Until these pictures I didn't think the food looked that bad. But now.....GROSS! I hope you did not have to eat that! Thank you for the reminder to be thankful for what I have. Just today I was being grumpy about the things in my house that need repaired, when I actually should have a thankful heart for the house that I have and the two toilets in the house!! I'm still praying for you and your family, and enjoying the adventure.


Ohhhh, I just read the previous post!! I like prizes!
On another note, guess who Ben's new best friend is?
Cameron Liddle.......they are in the same class this year and have really hit it off.
Cameron is a very nice little boy, so i couldn't be happier.

cuzzin mo

dude..that food looks wrong! and by the way..that sugar cane is amazing i had some in honduras..i'm sure you can get some here somewhere! i'll help you look! I'll be praying for you...when do you come home?!


...nothing like a little perspective to realize how blessed all of us are... and bless your heart for enduring all of that to grow your business... pretty amazing miss michelle!


I agree with mo... that food just looks wrong... I've love to try new foods but there is a line and you found it in China. Dave McNabb said he once at a goose egg that had been buried in the ground for years while in China... it is a delicacy and he couldn't refuse because it would have been an insult to the people he was with. GAG! But he lived! :-)

Forgive us Lord for taking so much for granted and give us thankful hearts!


Those pics remind me of those crazy shows where they have to eat really gross stuff to win the competition. I believe you win! Don't they frown on people who don't eat their food? I think I would be looking for a dog under the table to feed!!
Thanks, Michelle, for those reminders of how blessed I really am. That toilet seat is very comfortable-a little cold at times but I'm not complaining at all!


I posted a comment this morning, but we're having 'puter problems so I guess it didn't work out! The main point was that after seeing these pictures of food, I think it might be better for you if we start sending pre-packaged food with you-like that stuff the astronauts eat! Have a safe trip home!


Based on those photos of the food I'm guessing that you did not eat? If you did eat, what did you finally choose? None of those choices looked good. I guess you should get some extra sugar cane to carry around in your pocket in case your only choices of what to eat are of food gone wrong.

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