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October 24, 2007



Oh, is that a sad face? I thought you went to China to have collegen injected in your lips!! lol Just kidding! You're so cute! You do look like you've lost weight, living on diet pop and yogurt helps, huh? I can't believe you're not all over those chicken feet! Yum!

Won't be long now and you'll be on your way back home! Yeah! Miss and love you!


I think that's a pretty good sad face =(
Chicken feet...seriously...I think I would gag! I'm intrigued by the top "mystery" pic. I have a guess....bet you want to know what my guess is!


oh my... that is a sad face... but I know there's a hopeful heart hiding behind the face.. hoping to get the work done right and hoping to get home soon... we're hoping with you! I can just see you being yelled at for taking pictures... very interesting diet plan.
I'm excited to see all your new stuff! Hugs to you.


ok... the chicken feet and the frogs. i wonder what the chinese think is really weird in our diet? we miss you too! i am impressed w/ how western your hotel room looks... and btw, Ande has a friend who lived in china for several years, and the company that her dad works for, doesn't let any of them drive themselves. the families have drivers b/c of the previlence of wrecks!

go creative genius, share your beauty w/ the world!
PS why can't blogs have spell-check for comments?


Michelle ~ I didn't comment on yesterday's post...but so glad you aren't hurt from the accident. PTL!

What food pics!!! I think I would almost get sick going to the grocery store and seeing all that stuff and thinking about eating it!!! I loved Cindy's comment above about the collagen! Funny! I'm loving your regular posts...be safe!


How cute are you. Honey I have forgotten how hot looking you are even when you are sad. I miss you, but have to admit that I love seeing the pictures and wouldn't have you ever trade the experiences that you have over there--as long as they are safe ones. Smooches


Great pictures! I would have snuck a picture of the frogs also!! At this point even McDonalds probably would taste good, eh? Benjamin wants to know if you will go back and rescue the puppies in the chicken cage and bring them home to him. It really bothers him that they are in that cage. I'm glad that you are okay after your accident. Still praying for you and your adventure!
PS- Can't wait to see what's being created.


Okay. I LOVE these entries -- even the sad face. It's soo cute!

Chicken feet crack me up. And...my you ARE having adventures over there aren't you?

Be safe girlie! Love the pics!



My uncle went to China years ago when he worked for Proctor and Gamble and said they do NOT like people taking their picture. I guess they think it's rude or something. He had to throw the camera over his shoulder and set it to "auto" take so he could show his kids what it was like. All the pics had this sort of blurry angular look to them. it was hilarious. thanks for the pics!

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