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October 22, 2007



Hey, maybe going to China is the solution for me to lose a little bit of weight! From the food you've mentioned and shown, I think I'd be more than starving! LOL!

I enjoy seeing the pictures of your day!


how in the world do they get your exact paint color tones for all your clocks each time? the process looks so random... it amazes me:)


I love the photos. Glad to hear you took some time to go out and see the sights, even if for a brief walk. I'm sure there is more to see in 1.5 miles then one can even imagine. The weather looks nice!


Hey Michelle,
Wow, your pictures sure have stories to tell. I know to you this may seem like just a long trip, but to me it is a fun adventure!
I am praying for you, and will be excited to hear how God has used you to bless the people you come in contact with there.
Be safe.


Michelle... what is all the red in the first photo? I just can't make it out... is it shrimp?

Gotta say... those cucumber balls do look worth a try... the presentation is appealing but I would not have guessed cukes!

I love what Tricia wrote about seeing your trip through the eyes of adventure... hang in there and be our eyes and ears... keep sharing and being a light in the darkness!

hugs from all of us here...


After seeing the chix right there, there is now way I could eat it! At least I don't think so. Cuke balls...sounds like Puke balls! I'm not really a cuke fan until you pickle them! Sounds like you are working hard. Love the baseball player guy! Can't wait to see all the new samples!


Hi Michelle-I'm so glad that nobody was hurt in that auto accident. You really take a chance being over there, in more ways than one. I really enjoy seeing just a small piece of China-makes me appreciate the good old USA even more,though! Don't think I could handle the food! Keep safe, I'm praying for you!
Love ya!

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