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June 03, 2007



Michelle, don't be so hard on yourself. Yes, the "Superhero" complex is quite prevelant and contagious. I come down with it at least once a month. Your are a busy little "Superhero". What have you done lately to recharge your "Superhero" self?...Something just for you. The book of James is a great start. Finish that off with a good dose of prayer, followed by time spent with friends and family that love you and you should be as good as new.


thanks Jenni. i'm feeling much better today. thank you for your kind words and as always, your wonderful humor! you're a true friend.



I for one think that you ARE a super hero! I read your blog for motivation because I can't believe how much you DO! Actually, I don't think that it is humanly possible.
I would think that from time to time it would be of great benefit to be invisible - just to get some deep breathing time.
I think creative people have to have some down time.
I like to read Gretchin Rubins happiness project blog to keep my up as much as possible http://happinessproject.typepad.com/
...and according to this coconut, you are doing just fine!


Michelle- I didn't see you this weekend at church but I saw you last weekend praying with a woman. I am sure you were a super hero to her. It is easy to let the enemy pick us off one by one. Make sure you stay connected while you are out on the road. Love- M


Sorry you're having a bad day....hang in there. WE LOVE YOU!!!


You're in my prayers Michelle:) I just read this verse this morning in Colossians 1... "It is strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy, thanking the Father who makes us strong enough to take part of everything bright and beautiful that he has for us."

You are a shining star girl... I always pray for wisdom and strength and God never fails to get me through my rough patches.

tammy lou-who

Henny Penny,
Thank you,thank you for your authentic honesty! God blesses those poor in spirit and those that cry out to Him, you are a shining soldier in this fight called"life". Your work and relationships reflect how AWESOME God thinks you are! Thanks for keeping me on the battle field, often I would like to lay down and watch from the sidelines. Man, you are like a bee in my shirt! :)


Michelle! Oh, I know the feeling.. I get like that sometimes too. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. :) I too look to you for inspiration and see you as doing so much! How wonderful reading everyone's advice - I'm sure that has helped incredibly! You are wonderful! We're here for you! xo


Hello, our Michelle. You are always in my prayers. Love from Toot

Sonya Paz

We are all superheroes... in fact I am the superhero star in an adventure called "The Life and Times of Kickass Painting Gal!" LOL

Each day is a new day and I have truly had my share.... have a great week!

Sonya Paz


Oh, Michelle, hugs. I wasn't in church that week (we were at the coast). It's funny to think of you feeling invisible at church, because I always think of you as one of the sort of "superheroes" or "important people" at church. But I think everyone feels that way sometimes.

Audrey Jeanne Roberts

I just caught up on your blog today, so I missed your being down (because you were already in a better place) but wanted to leave a note anyway...

When I get over-tired I am most susceptible. The older I get, the less reserve there seems to be. Learning to know, recognize and honor my limits has been a hard thing, but the better I am at it the more consistently I can stay in the positive zone.

The last couple of months I got too far over the edge and it took a long hard battle to pull myself back together. In fact, your mom and dad's visit was a turning point for me. It happens to all of us, that's why God tells us to hang together to help each other out! Blessings (and thanks for the awesome vase!!! It has the place of honor on my wood burning stove at the moment :-))
Hugs, aj

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