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April 17, 2007



Now, don't go dissing chicken feet. I hesitate to tell you this - but my mother does re-enactment of the medieval time period (don't ask me when) -- and has a herald that is, you guessed it, upside down chicken feet!

I actually found her salt and pepper shakers that were chicken feet for Christmas. I know. It's weird at my house, what can I say? (laughing)

It's a whole unexplored market. I think you should make some! :)


Yo Idea Girl (tammy), you AND your mother are hilarious! I will remember to bag some chicken feet for you next time.

You may see a clock in the future. : )


OH my! What fun to read your blog! Ok, so by now you're back in the good 'ole 'States - where Chicken Feet are on the bottom of chicken legs and chicken bodies at the chicken farm. not at McDonalds! (oh, and at Tammy's mom's, too) This was a wonderful multi-cultural web-site for my girls and I to read! Thanks Michelle... and welcome home! : )Annette

Sonya Paz

What a great week of reading about your very cool adventures! Hope it was all worth the second hand smoke (whoa hack hack aughts...)




Hi Michelle... I just wanted you to know I nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award! Come visit my site to see what it's all about... you make me think about what a blessing it is to be your mom but much much more for sure! So... tag... you're it!
Love you...


I've been under the weather the past few days so haven't been able to check in. Loved reading your daily diary.. what a totally different way of life. And as much as I love Chinese food.. I would have to agree that I'd be sick of it pretty quick! What a wonderful way to document your trip and thanks for sharing it with each of us!

Welcome home.sweet.home!


p.s. Can't wait to see more of your little sneak peeks! And your crew certainly are hard workers!!

Diane Duda

I just read through your last 7 posts and found them to be so interesting! What an adventurous life you lead. Thanks for sharing.

I think your "pretty" is so pretty! :)

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