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April 13, 2007



We can't wait to see what you post every day. Always interesting.
Looks like you could open a mexican resturaunt in China as there is apparently no competiton. How about some Grandma/Grampa art? I sent your blog address to a number of friends who are very impressed with your talent etc. I hope you like italian food because you are going to face that for 10 days.
When you get home please see if you can put Powerpoint on Alexis's computer because I have some neat things to send her.


I'm glad to hear about the ceramic factory. I know that was a concern of yours. I hope when it comes down to it they capture your organic feel in the sculpt. The right shading and texture in the painting of the ceramic so it looks as close to your art work as they can get. I also hope they produce a good quality product and most importantly that they don't come back after all that with to high of prices because of the small quantity.
WOW! that is a lot of concerns, I better start praying.


When I saw your frog picture pop up at the top of the post, I knew I had to comment! Then I thought, "She'll think I'm a pesky mosquito coming back to comment yet again!" LOL!

When I scrolled down and read your bolded..Please continue commenting!...I decided that it was probably okay. LOL!

I love your froggy! I have a new froggy ceramic piece (a small flower pot) recently purchased on a visit to my sister's in SC to commemorate my visit with her. Also there's a tiny, little froggy on my kitchen window sill from my daughter-in-law that I enjoy seeing smiling at me when I'm at the sink. And my third frog is one of those you sit outside your doorstep among your flowers. I'm not even a frog collector! But the picture of the bright green happy frog on your blog just made my day!

The picture of the factory definitely looks like a time and place from long ago! Seems like you're enjoying yourself (even with tons of Chinese food!).


I love the frog and its purrrdy flowers! I received my clocks yesterday, Yeah! They are WONDERFUL, so colorful and fun. I bought the fish clock to give to my sister for her birthday, however I was so excited, I gave it to her right away!

I like the picture of the view too. It looks so national geographic like. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings....


Hey Michelle,

I too am addicted to your blog. I can't wait to see all of your new stuff! I think I need a bigger house. Whatever it takes, I will make the room. 8-). I was able to fix the princess clock, and can I still get two tickets to the auction/dinner? We definitely want to go. Hope you are having some time to enjoy yourself and relax. Speaking of Chinese food, I got Maddie to stop sucking her thumb after 4 years and all the stuff the dentist suggested. I don't know what gave me the idea, but I put soy sauce on the gauze part of a band aid and put it on her thumb and it worked right away. She hated the smell, let alone the taste. The only drawback...Derek had to have chinese food twice the first week we had the band aid on, he said he craved it all the time. Go figure? 8-).

See ya,


What a beautiful little ! Nice to know that there is atleat one person there who you can communicate with, even if it is sticking out your tongue! Love, love, love the frog and the beautiful with the black hair! Can't wait to see more, get some sleep would ya? You need your rest for all the running you will be doing when you get home!


Aloha Michelle,
Since you asked for comments, I decided it was probably time to come out of the closet. I have been following your blog for awhile now - I think that I made the connection when my daughter hooked into delightful blogs (this is her URL, not mine) and I fell in love!
You cannot believe what an inspiration you have become to me. I don't say this lightly - I don't know your story, but I look at what you do (not only the dreams and the creativity and talent...but the follow through and action) and it is amazing to me.
Keep posting please...You have a fan in the 808 state!

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