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April 12, 2007



LOVE THE NEW GIRL!! TOO CUTE! I can see her dressing up my bathroom already!

Don't worry too much about missing out on your clematis... it has barely stopped raining since you left! I'll peek at it this afternoon... I'm going over to visit with the girls.

Amazing about the bamboo scaffolding... can you imagine that in the US? Well, can you imagine the "ladies" of the USA using the hole in the floor potty? NOT! Just think of it as stopping by the side of the road but without the mud. Just trying to help! haha

Missing you...

Jean Williams

I love the new girl too and the birdy. I think I am going to have to go to the auction just to bid on the bird. You crack me up about the floor potty. I have seen you in much worse conditions on Hood to Coast. Think back and you will see that China's floor potty is not so bad after all.
Thanks for sharing your adventures with everyone. I love checking in to see what you are up to. See you soon.



I've enjoyed both the days you've written about! Very interesting...love seeing China scenes like the work area. And yes, I'm glad we don't have holes in the ground!


love love love the lady:)

and once again... are you still going to try to convince me to come to China with you after see that toliet? I'm a very happy cat hanging in Michigan thank you very much :)


I am so glad that despite the communication barrier you found a company that you feel comfortable enough handing off your wonderful creations to make a product that gives so mant people an instant smile!


Wow!! Love the sweet girl with rosy cheeks! Love her!

Incredible.. yea, that toilet in the ground would be my fear too. Gives me the heebie geebies thinking about it. HA!


Remember the restoom that had the mirrors behind the toilets in that resteraunt when I went with you. There was really yucky splatter all over the mirror, not to mention...who wants to watch themselves peeing. I have a picture of it still somewhere. How about a coffee table book called "Toilets of Asia". Hah! Hah! You all ready have two photos.
I love that we can all be apart of your trip through the blog.
Miss you!


I LOVE the new girl! She is soooo Cute! I cant wait to see what you are doing with her. Have fun in China! Gabby


I just have to comment on the toilet. I live in Haiti,so the women just "squat" anywhere....so I know the position. But I was very happy for you, to see that this "fancy" toilet had ridged edges so you would not slip. LOL.. I about died laughing when I got a visual immage of your feet flying forward and you landing back wards. Hope your not offended... but you know laughter is good for the soul. Just thought you might want to thank God for those ridges! :)

Living.Loving.Serving in Haiti
All for the glory of God!

Audrey Jeanne Roberts

Ooooh Michelle! What an "adventure!" Stories to tell the great-grandchildren one day... I think you should add one of these bathrooms to your own factory -- what a perk for the employees. Hugs, aj

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