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February 26, 2007



We actually have a family blog - and depending on the day, anyone who happens by could read a completely different post. You might enjoy recipes or quilting - one daughter writes about those subjects. When spring gardening season is here, another daughter will show pictures of her garden and the delightful harvest. My husband isn't a "slice of life" writer. He'll usually write on Sundays with a devotional or quote from a well-known Christian author. And I write on flower gardening, art quilts, and whatever happens to fill a post if no one else writes! I guess you'd call our blog a real hodge-podge!


I'm Deb's sister, and I'm the one who got her family started in blogging! Now she out-blogs me!! :)

Since I'm single, I don't have the interesting family stories to tell that she does, but I do have a dog, Barney, who gets into trouble all on his own. And I have students--I teach college journalism--so I sometimes talk about them. And I'm a beginning knitter, so that subject makes its way into my blog on occasion. Like you, I love to see artistic blogs, mostly to lament my own lack thereof!


Hi... Mom here... and as you know I am still new at blogging but am already delighted to have discovered and been embraced by such a delightful community of women that I did not even realize was there!

I have been writing and illustrating Christian inspirational books for over 10 years and speaking at women's events several times a year with a heart to inspire and encourage women to know how great God is and to trust Him more in their everyday lives. So for me... my blog is an extension of what I already do only on a much more personal level. It's like inviting each woman into my home and and having a cup of coffee or tea together... I love it!

You were my inspiration to blog Michelle... so you deserve a huge thank you for your encouragement to me!

Hugs... mom


I do have a blog -- and I think I found yours through the Art Biz Coach link!

I blog all day long. I'm at home working -- and don't have kids during the day (LOVE school!) so blogging is my way of allowing my creativity to have an outlet...and it makes me feel like I'm keeping in touch with the "outside" world rather than being home alone all the time.

I love it! (and I love yours too!)


Alyson B. Stanfield

Thanks for the mention, Michelle!

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  • hi and welcome!!! i'm so glad you're here! my name is michelle. i'm blessed to be a wife (to gary) of 18 years and a mom of two girls; alexis(16) & jess(11). i've been a full time artist for 15 years. i made my start at Portland Sat. Mkt. and art fairs around the country, and then headed into wholesale shows when our oldest began school. i love ART-ing, art journaling, running, cycling and downing junk food!
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