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November 11, 2006



I love both...so indecisive!! But I think I lean more toward the first one...I kept scrolling up and down to get an impression. I would switch the squiggle on the 'A' in the first one up though...it looks like a frowny face :( Do you really even care about my frowny face perspective? I like the whimsical aspect of it. You are an amazing artist though and I'd have to say the second one looks fun too!

Hope all is well...sounds like it is! I'll try really hard to make the sale!



Well..is there a third choice?! I think you are right in the fact that you need a change but the new idea is a little to block-ish for me..personal opinion...you're on the right path though! I love you i love you i love you!

Your coolest cousin, Mo

michelle allen

Thank you Monica & Veronica for your opinions! I truely appreciate them! I will work on it a bit more and give you a third option.


I have to say my vote if for the first one... it's what drew me to the clock on display in Kauai - I didn't have to even see it was your name - I recognized the logo! Even though I've only been familar with your product for 3 years - it's your call sign to the public! And I think the squiggle line looks like a cute little mustache! It IS fun and whimiscal - totally you!! Why change?? Did you hear that the Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel has only changed 4 times in 50 years! I love your logo!!

Donna Bansch

I like the first very much - could be something to the idea of not changing at all. We do associate recognition with what we are familiar with - but good luck with whatever you choose. I've just been introduced to your artistry and love it!

Shannon Dow

I vote for the first one as well. I think it is a better representation of the products you sell.
You are awesome!

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