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July 06, 2011



Congratulations on the Beautiful magazines, Succes comes to those who work hard... wishing you the best of luck. xox


Wow, what a big job! Well done! Now you can kick back and have some frozen yoghurt ;-) Love the Yippie-a-hippie-flower-power-octopus! And the mermaid-spitter and the dangling-doodelings!

Amy Peters

OK...loving the cover too! And yes your hubs must love you lots to do a mailing with you...

peggy R

Hi Michelle; The catalogue looks so beautiful, what a lot of work. I noticed you have a black dog soap spitter on your front cover, however I dont see it on your website. Will you be adding it? Also I live in Canada do you ship here?


Wow! That's pretty amazing.

You make the coolest stuff. i love that octopus!


Love, love the cover. Looks great with lots of eye candy! michelle

Tammy M

AAAHHH! I thought my monkey love was for sure, but I am freaking out over the octopus and the mermaid too!!!eeeee! how can I choose?? Well I need clocks in every room obviously! YAY!!! I REALLY want to see your catalouge! You are so talented Michelle! You make my heart so happy when I see your stuff! I haven't been on the computer in a few weeks, so I have a bit of catch up! Bless you sweet friend! Hope your summer is going fantabulous!! xoxo

Melissa Irvin

Congratulations! This catalog is beautiful! I love that you use so much color - your art makes me happy!

Barbara Moore

Congratulations on getting all of those catalogs in the mail! I know it is a hard task. The catalog cover is just amazing! I love all of the color that you use in your work. I wish you much success.

Hugs XX

April Cole

What a fantastic looking catalog :)


They are so awesome, wish I could have one just to cut out pretty pictures from! I hope you sell loads from it!

Kimberly Roberts

congrats!!! looks like a beautiful catalog!!! i wish you a lot of success :)


The catalogs are absolutely beautiful...both the photography and the printing. Great quality! Of course, I would expect nothing less!


Congrats! Love, Love, Love the cover! This Graphic Designer approves! YEA FOR YOU!


The catalog looks awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE the octopus ;) Awesome work.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the new catalog... best one yet!!

Jodie Smith

Just simply beautiful! How can a regular person get one???


Catching up on your blog after busy weeks. I love all the new clocks, the colours are great. And the catalog looks wonderful. You've done a wonderful job!


Amazing cover ( I really want that octopus clock !!) and the catalog looks yummy ! I would also love to know how to get one of these beauties !


ooh I want one!!! Beautiful catalogs!!!

meg duerksen

so pretty!!
the octopus is awesome!


WOW so amazing. The catalogue looks so beautiful, what a lot of work, the octopus is unique and so inspiring as all your tantastic and so craetive art work!
Have a nice sunday,

Julie D.

hey michelle!! the octopus clock is so cute!! love the cover. Hope you are doing well. Running? Hope you've been able to get out there a little or have you stuck to the bike?


oh I am so excited for you! love the "the hubs" loves you too! looks like it was a lot of work!


they look SUPER!!

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